My State of My State

Published August 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last day of August 2012

I’m feeling pretty good about my photography lately having finally updated my website (despite its flaws) to a simpler, easier to maintain format. My recent photo shoot with Kristine I think went really well and I have another with her in the works.  Also, I have two other projects, that while they are in their initial stages, still look promising. I haven’t had that much desire to shoot for awhile, but it’s back and I hope it continues to be enjoyable.

I need males to pose for my Guys and Dolls project. Similar to my Apples & Eves® project only with males holding a doll instead of an apple. If your interested in this and are willing to sign a model release in exchanges for images from the shoot, either send me an email at or comment on my Facebook business sight and hopefully we can work something out.

Now go outside and play before the rain hit.

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