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Published September 5, 2014 in Website News

So I have opened a Tumblr. account (Graphisch is the account name). I mostly did it to follow friends, but I was told I needed to add content to be followed. I did, but apparently one doesn’t want to add too much at one time. It’s like those friends that over post on facebook. One’s feed is clogged by too many from the same person. Point taken. All these sort of social media have their own etiquette and “rules.” Unfortunately I’m old and tired and don’t feel like learning these things. I don’t care if I’m followed on tumblr. or […]

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So You Say I Haven’t Blogged In a Long Time

Published September 1, 2014 in Website News

I was rebuked today for not having updated my blog in a very long time. The person who did this will remain unidentified … but she’s the manager of the North Side Starbucks. In her defense, she’s not the first person to mention my lack of blog posting. In my defense, I created this website to show my photos and not to blog. I have a lot of other blog pages for that, that I ignore as well. What I found interesting is that she didn’t really say anything about not having posted any new photos in a long time. […]

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