So You Say I Haven’t Blogged In a Long Time

Published September 1, 2014 in Website News

I was rebuked today for not having updated my blog in a very long time. The person who did this will remain unidentified … but she’s the manager of the
North Side Starbucks. In her defense, she’s not the first person to mention my lack of blog posting. In my defense, I created this website to show my photos and not to blog. I have a lot of other blog pages for that, that I ignore as well.

What I found interesting is that she didn’t really say anything about not having posted any new photos in a long time. I’ve taken photographs of course, but I usually post them on things like facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Both because it’s much easier to post to one of those sites, especially with my iPad, and more importantly because I don’t think they are worthy of my website. I always wanted it to be for my more “serious” work, not for vacation photos, random items or our adorable cat.

I am working on, and do have projects in my mind for this website. I don’t want to throw something up here ordinary and I’ve been having trouble finding models to pose for these ideas. For my Guys and Dolls series, it’s really difficult to find males to pose. More difficult to find than women. I think they are more vain then women at times. For some of my female shoots, I don’t want to have tattoos conflicting with the images and it’s becoming difficult to find a female between certain ages that don’t have a lot. I’m not particularly keen on shooting nudes anymore, but my one idea cannot have any tattoos other than the ones I wish to have drawn on to the skin.

Honestly, I get burned out on photography. I sometimes have to stop for long periods of time on my projects, just to rebuild enthusiasm. But I think I’m getting it back. I have even purchased a little Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7K so I can carry that around all (more) of the time, rather than my heavy Canon 7D.

Finally, I’m not big on maintenance. I like the creation process, not the constant weeding. But please stick with me. I plan to create new and hopefully interesting images in the next few weeks or months … don’t rush ….

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