Published September 5, 2014 in Website News

So I have opened a Tumblr. account (Graphisch is the account name). I mostly did it to follow friends, but I was told I needed to add content to be followed. I did, but apparently one doesn’t want to add too much at one time. It’s like those friends that over post on facebook. One’s feed is clogged by too many from the same person. Point taken. All these sort of social media have their own etiquette and “rules.” Unfortunately I’m old and tired and don’t feel like learning these things. I don’t care if I’m followed on tumblr. or twitter or Instagram, or … , as long as you lovely people follow this website.

And again, I apologize for not including much new work of late.  Hopefully it’s coming soon. Until then, I might post some of the fun things I shot today. But slowly.

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