The Genesis of the Apples & Eves® Project

The genesis of this photo project came about with a series of events. In early January 2000, I took photographs of my friend Grace with an apple. I was trying to evoke an Eve with the Apple type of feeling. A comment was made by, I believe, Bill, her friend, that I should take a series of photos using the apple. Although, not necessarily suggested with people, I decided I needed a photo project and a theme always gives me focus. I decided that I would take photos with females with some sort of representation of an apple in the image. I say females instead of women, because my subjects were to be of all ages.

The original Grace photos were shot on Kodak T-Max and I used a flash bounced off of an umbrella. These new shots were to be down and dirty. No fancy umbrella flash or equipment. Just my 35mm Canon Rebel or EOS 10s and their flashes pointed at my subjects. I also switched to Kodak’s 400 speed Black & White + print film in their Kodak Select Series. Not because I like the look better than the T-Max, but because I don’t have room for a dark room and this film uses C-41 process the same as color. That makes it a lot cheaper and faster than regular B&W film. I then switched to Fuji Color 100, because it is even less expensive. I could have the images in color and because I manipulate them in PhotoShop anyway to color the apple red, I just converted the image to B&W beforehand. Now I have changed again and gone to all digital first with a Canon EOS 10D and now a 7D. Also, in some of the photos I have started using more sophisticated studio lighting.

In the beginning I was only concerned with there being a female and an apple in the image. Later, I decided I wanted the image to express the feeling of the person. This made editing the shots more difficult. A photo may have made the person look better, or the composition may have been better or it just may have been a more pleasing image and yet I choose a different view of the subject, because it better expressed my vision of who she was.
All of the photographs were to be totally B&W. However, I was taking a PhotoShop class during the beginning of this project and started playing with coloring the apples. I like the results so much that I included it as part of the project. I also developed my PhotoShop skills.
Finding subjects was a little difficult at first. But after almost five years, I finally have 100 (plus) “female” models.

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